The Geek Tank Gets Packed!

BTYB: The Blue Milk Group - 102519 Ep. 1

Joe's found us a new sponsor, but it might not be very tasty...


Prof. Gilbreath's a Damn Cyborg! - 102519 Ep. 2

Allan's got some story about rats driving cars, but it doesn't really matter because the real news is that he's got cyborg parts!


Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad - 102519 Ep. 3

For whatever reason, video game publishers keep wanting to screw over their customers, and Bethesda and Activision are the latest offenders.


MAS Hysteria: Space Meteorology - 102519 Ep. 4

Jeremy Veldman is here from the Memphis Astronomical Society to tell us about a NASA scientist who's specialty is space weather!


The Hype of Skywalker - 102519 Ep. 5

The gang has seen the final Star Wars trailer, and they're excited! Well, most of them.


Let's Make a Convention - 102519 Ep. 6

Joe's got an update for us on the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention!


When Auteurs Attack - 102519 Ep. 7

Some big name directors have had a few criticisms of Marvel movies, so the geeks have a few words for them.


Ali Gonna Cry... - 102519 Ep. 8

We've all seen some NetFIX this week. Ali's are just a little sadder.


Endangering Loved Ones for Fun & Profit - 102519 Ep. 9

DC has decided Superman needs to reveal his identity to the world. Andy has some thoughts about that.


This World is DOOMED - 102519 Ep. 10

The Randomness is never ending.

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