Sir Nolan Plays ‘Describe That Artist,’ Dishes on New Selena Gomez Music

Sir Nolan, who has worked with the likes of Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, DJ Khaled and more, sat down with Sisanie for a special episode of Off-Air With Sisanie and dished on everything from breakout artist Bryce Vine to what to expect from Selena Gomez’s highly anticipated forthcoming album and more. 

Nolan, whose real name is Nolan Lambroza, shared with Sisanie he moved to Los Angeles from Washington, D.C. after growing up in the UK and simply started hustling by connecting with artists on social media and doing different internships to get a lay of the land.

Nolan and Bryce Vine, who just dropped his debut studio album Carnival after hitting the charts with singles “Drew Barrymore” and “La La Land,” were previously in a band together after meeting at Berklee College of Music. 

“It varies,” Bryce told Sis of his creative process. “I’d say a majority of the time an artist or songwriter will come to the studio, here, and we’ll kind of talk for awhile, get to know each other … or just catch up and the best songs come from real experiences, I find, because it allows the fan to really understand and have a window into what the artist is going through and also allows the artist to share with their fans what they’re going through.” 

With Bryce, for example, Nolan “helped bring him under [his] wing” and helped start creating music that he felt “represented him.”

The talented producer is also to credit for a bevy of other artists transitions, including Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. 

“It can take some time … especially if they’re a big artist, they have their walls up,” Nolan added. “My job a lot of times is someone that can listen, interpret and then present … so help sculpt a concept that a lot of people would really relate to … and a track that people can hear.” 

And he’s doing just that with his current roaster of artists, including Gomez, who has been busy working on her third studio album.

“There will be new stuff from her in the future,” Nolan confirmed. “But we’ve been working together a lot recently and we have some songs that we’re both really proud of and excited to share with everybody and when the time is right we’ll all get to enjoy.” 

Although he can’t divulge too much now, Nolan did partake in a fun rapid fire game, helping us get to know our favorite artists better by revealing the first thing that came to his mind when he heard their name. 

For example, did you know Enrique Iglesias is a huge prankster?! Watch back the videos above to find out what he has to say about everyone else, from Bieber to Shawn Mendes and more!

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