Traveling With Twin Babies! Get Sisanie’s Latest New Mom Update

Wheels up! Sisanie is going to be flying with her twin babies, Maxon and Aiza, for the first time. In the most recent episode of her podcast, Twinning With Sisanie, Sis and producer Erica discuss the tricks and tips she’s learned as she prepares to embark on a family vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, later this month. 

“It’s feeling like it’s getting harder,” Sisanie admitted of 15-month-old twins Aiza and Maxon. “They’re moving and they have a lot of opinions.” 

Sisanie shared that they’re at the milestone where they’re also gearing up to get rid of bottles entirely, but with their first-ever family flight ahead of them, Sis wants to keep them for comfort. 

“[They get] two bottles a day and then the one in the day time is a sippy cup,” Sis explained. “I’m going to do away with bottles right after Cabo because that’s in two weeks and I don’t want to take that away yet because I feel like the bottle will be comforting when we’re on the plane. … Pray for me when we’re on that flight,” she jokingly added, before sharing the tips and tricks she’s been told to follow while flying with babies. 

“I’m getting tips on what to do as far as car seats and strollers,” Sis continued, sharing that she was told the best pro tip is to check your strollers and car seats with your luggage and wear the babies through security. 

That said, Sisanie is torn on giving up the strollers and carrying the babies for the whole duration. 

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