Find Out Ryan Seacrest’s Wise "Morning Meeting" Advice for Couples

Forget the snooze button! Sisanie shared on-air on Thursday, October 10, that she’s getting “a little annoyed” with her husband, Michael, now that he’s waking up early to seize the day after reading Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger’s book Ride of a Lifetime. But, Ryan Seacrest begs to differ, and offered a couples’ tip to take away.

In Iger’s book, he explains that he wakes up everyday at 4:30am to workout and gather his thoughts before the rest of the world wakes up.

“That’s exactly what Michael told me!” Sisanie exclaimed. “… I’m getting a little annoyed that he’s waking up this early because it’s invading my space because mornings used to be my thing,” Sis continued. “Like, mornings were like quiet for me. I have my routine. I can go into the bathroom and do my makeup and I just like live in silence for those 20, 30 minutes I’m getting ready and now he’s taking like a 30 minute steam shower in the bathroom and I can’t even straighten my hair because it’s so steamy and hot in there!”

While Sisanie is adjusting to sharing her routine time with her hubby, Ryan added they should use the time together as a couple and have a “morning meeting” where they talk about only positive things for 30 minutes before the kids, or the rest of the world, awakes to interrupt them.

“They set their alarm 30 minutes earlier before kids or before the world and they have a morning meeting and they have a … notebook that’s a bright, fun color and … they take notes … and the morning meeting is only about good stuff … not about the stress,” Ryan explained, revealing he does this in his own relationship. “… It’s beneficial to communicate and you’re also not talking about stressful things; you’re talking about stuff that brings you together.”

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